Minister of Health defends that it is necessary to reorganize maternity wards – Jornal Económico

The Minister of Health, Marta Feared, advocates a reorganization of maternity hospitals in the country, especially in the south, recognizing difficulties especially during the holidays.

Marta Fear assumed that there are difficulties in midwifery services, especially in Lisbon and the Tagus Valley and in the rest of the south of the country, mainly due to professional vacations, in summer and around Christmas.

“At this time we sought to ensure that the faults [de profissionais] they are supplied with the provision of services ”, he told reporters on the sidelines of a inauguration in Lisbon, stating that medical services were allowed beyond the benchmarks set in terms of payment to medical providers.

However, Marta Feared acknowledged that problems cannot be solved "just by this means."

"We are studying alternatives," he said, indicating that the review of the maternal and obstetric health network is being completed.

Following this review, the Government intends to have “a more objective intervention in the reorganization of the supply and redistribution of human resources in the most critical areas”.

"The difficulties exist, but we cannot overcome them without root measures," he added, but without saying what kind of reorganization he wants in the maternity ward.

In addition to “securing more hiring doctors”, Marta Dread only adds that it is necessary to “look into the supply chain” of midwifery services.

However, the minister recalled that the NHS is networked and that whenever necessary pregnant women are transferred to other services of public units.

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