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Health Minister Marta Temido said today in Porto that "the government handed over its proposal for a Basic Law to the Assembly of the Republic" in December, pointing out that now it is up to the parliamentary groups to do their work.

Minutes after the President of the Republic, Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa, considered this "not an ideal time" to discuss the Health Bases Law, noting that it would be preferable to discuss it in "principle of the legislature," Marta Temido journalists on the sidelines of the conference "The Health System for the Citizen" where both met and where the head of state said he preferred "straight to short cuts and crossroads".

"Not being good at math – I stopped math in seventh year of high school – I learned that the closest path between two points is a straight line, except in politics. In politics sometimes, surprisingly, the most direct path between two points is a sinusoidal path, full of ups and downs, advances and retreats, "said Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa.

Invited to comment on this phrase and the remarks of the President of the Republic, Marta Temido underlined that the discussion is now under the scope of the Assembly of the Republic.

"The Government submitted its proposal for a Basic Law to the Assembly of the Republic in December and, at the moment, the work that is done is a work that involves the parliamentary groups, which involves the Assembly of the Republic and which I am sure is a work that will mainly respond to the central concern of this conference: the citizen, the Portuguese, "said the minister in the margins of the event.

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