Minister says nurses' union is not "obviously" no personal attack – News

Minister says nurses' union is not "obviously" no personal attack - News

"It's not a personal attack [à bastonária da Ordem dos Enfermeiros]. The minister does not go through these processes, either to make personal attacks or to receive people attacks, "said Marta Temido on the sidelines of the opening of the general assembly of the European Federation of Dental Regulators (Fedcar) in Porto.

The governor said that there is a process of investigation and there are several lawsuits pending, and it is the responsibility of the competent entities to evaluate them, to follow and to monitor them, and the Ministry of Health has "only done what was in its hands".

Claiming to be concerned about the health of the Portuguese, and not with lawsuits, expedient and delaying maneuvers that have their own headquarters where they will be evaluated, Marta Temido stated that the investigation that was determined by her ministry has a specific framework.

"The general activities of Health will analyze and, if everything goes well, will calmly conclude that all is well. Those who do not should not fear, so we have to follow with tranquility, "he said.

The Lisbon Administrative Court rejected the injunction filed by the Nurses' Order against the Health Minister "in a personal capacity," according to an official source in the Ministry of Health.

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