Minister sponsors “put-down” of research ship

Minister sponsors “put-down” of research ship

The vessel, developed by TEC4SEA, is intended for the area of ​​marine sciences and is financed by Community funds

The Minister of Science, Technology and Higher Education, Manuel Heitor, will participate tomorrow, Wednesday, 21, at 10:00 am, in the presentation and “put-down” (launching to the water) of the ship «Mar Profundo», in the shipyards of Nautiber, in Vila Real de Santo António.

It is a research vessel for testing and validating technologies in the area of ​​marine sciences developed by TEC4SEA, a partnership formed by the Institute of Systems and Computer Engineering, Technology and Science (INESC TEC) of the University of Porto and by the Research Center Tecnológica do Algarve (CINTAL), recognized by the Foundation for Science and Technology (FCT) and included in the National Roadmap for Research Infrastructures of Strategic Interest (RNIIE).

Financed by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF), through the Northern Regional Operational Program, and by FCT through national funds, the vessel will allow human, laboratory and logistical resources that could only operate on land to be moved to the high seas and deep sea.

Partnership aims to boost sea economy

“Now reinforced with this naval unit, TEC4SEA is a partnership capable of developing research that enhances the sea economy and the development of sea exploration technologies, focusing on robotics (autonomous and non-autonomous vehicles), communications and advanced monitoring” , says the Algarve Regional Coordination and Development Commission.

Aimed at building to the measure of the Shipowner, Nautiber – Estaleiros Navais do Guadiana is known as the “fiberglass tailors” and specializes in fiberglass reinforced polyester construction and ship repair, constituting an example of the sector's capacity and the potential for diversification of the region's economy.

With a diversified portfolio, the Algarve company is closely linked to the region's fishing and maritime community, building fishing vessels (trawlers, longliners, seiners, tuna boats and hooks) and supporting offshore aquaculture, inspection and dredging units, vessels recreational, maritime-tourist and passenger transportation (monohull, catamarans and trimarans).


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