Ministries propose new rules and review of the tax on sugary drinks – News

Ministries propose new rules and review of the tax on sugary drinks - News

The document, which will be published on the Ministry of Health website, also highlights the definition of a plan for reformulation of sugar, salt and fatty acids, and a review of the food basket distributed to the most needy families under the Operational Program of Support to the Most Needy Persons of the Ministry of Labor, Solidarity and Social Security.

The interministerial working group of the strategy consists of the ministries of Health, Education, Agriculture, Forestry and Rural Development, Economy, Internal Administration, Sea and Finance.

The report points to the initiative to develop a Health Impact Assessment exercise on nutrition labeling, which provides support for policy-making with regard to the implementation of a simplified labeling system on the front of foodstuffs, as well as the publication of the new guidelines on school menus and cafeterias by the Directorate-General for Education.

The document to be presented today also refers to the development of communication materials and support to the accompanying measures of the School Regime for the distribution of milk, fruit and vegetables.

In a statement, the Directorate-General for Health (DGS) underlines that this is the first truly intersectoral health sector strategy, which aims to put health food and health in all policies as advocated by the World Health Organization.

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