Ministry of Education recommends airing classrooms during breaks in cold conditions

Ministry of Education recommends airing classrooms during breaks in cold conditions

Schools can ventilate classrooms during school breaks, taking into account the low temperatures, the Ministry of Education said today, according to which windows and doors must be opened without compromising the safety of children.

"In view of the present meteorological situation, when there is no mechanical ventilation equipment in the classrooms or other spaces used for teaching, ventilation can be carried out naturally during breaks, ensuring ventilation and renewal of indoor air", says the ministry in a statement on joint guidelines from the Directorate-General for Health, the Directorate-General for School Establishments and the Directorate-General for Education.

The Ministry of Education said in the statement that in July 2020 it had already given schools instructions on how to air the classrooms, adding that the previously disclosed standard already anticipated that the airing of the classrooms could not jeopardize safety. from the students.

"Whenever possible, and that this does not compromise the safety of children and students, windows and / or doors should be kept open, in order to allow better air circulation", says the said rule.

The clarifications of the Ministry of Education come after cases of students and teachers who are forced to wear blankets, caps, gloves or scarves inside the classrooms as a way to withstand the cold, a situation aggravated by the need to air the rooms for cause of the covid-19 pandemic.

The Ministry of Education states, however, that according to the guidelines of the Directorate-General for Health, “the use of mechanical air ventilation (HVAC system – Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) is allowed, in order to guarantee thermal comfort, although the ventilation (air renewal) of the spaces should preferably be done with natural ventilation ”.

“These systems must be used safely, ensuring proper cleaning and maintenance, according to the manufacturer's recommendations, and the renewal of the air in enclosed spaces, by frequent ventilation and / or by the mechanical ventilation systems themselves (when this functionality is available). available) ”, recommends the ministry.


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