MIT wants to create new study area to address IA "fears" – Site of the day

MIT wants to create new study area to address IA "fears" - Site of the day

A group of MIT researchers argues that computer scientists and computer engineers should not be the only ones to determine the future of artificial intelligence and propose, instead, the creation of a multidisciplinary approach.

Under the name "Behavior of the machine", the new field of study proposed will address all the concerns and concerns that this technology generates, from the replacement of our jobs, to the possibility of "revolt" of the robots, passing also by the autonomous cars and by robotic weapons, describe their promoters in a recently published scientific article.

The intention is to analyze the evolution of AI systems and determine their true meaning for humanity by studying how they work and how they are affected and how they influence their environment.

"We are witnessing the rise of machines, machines that make decisions and act autonomously," says Iyad Rahwan, one of the MIT researchers, on one of the institution's blogs. "This requires a new field of scientific study that analyzes them not only as products of engineering and computer science, but also as a new class of actors with their own behavioral patterns and ecology."

The creation of this new field of study "requires the unity and effort of all sectors involved in the creation and development of AI systems," the MIT experts also urge.

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