Moise Kean shines on Juve & # 039; and in the Italian team but father warns: "I have not received the tractors yet"

Moise Kean shines on Juve & # 039; and in the Italian team but father warns: "I have not received the tractors yet"

Moise Kean is the new craze in Italian football. The young Juventus striker became the youngest ever to score for the Italian side since Bruno Nicolè (18 years and 258 days) in 1958. The striker scored one of his goals against Finland 2-0, at 19 years and 23 days.

In Juventus also the young man has given in the sights, with three goals in seven games. Despite this, the 'Vechia Signora' is not complying with the agreement he signed with the player's father. Speaking to Rai Radio 1, Biorou Jean Kean accused Juventus of having failed to speak.

"I'm very happy for him, even if I had some problems with Juventus, they do not give me tickets to go to the stadium anymore, I'm separated from the mother of Moise, who in the past wanted to go to England, but I promised Juventus that he would continue in Italy, I just wanted two tractors in exchange.Jusus said it was not a problem but I have not received them yet.Now they do not give me the tickets and reject my phone calls, "said the athlete's father, who lives in Costa do Marfim.

The story is explained in a few lines: in 2017, Moise Kean was almost leaving Juventus but the young man's father eventually convinced him to stay. On the other hand, Biorou Jean Kean asked Juventus for two agricultural tractors.

"Juve offered a contract worth € 700,000 a year, pretty good. But the problem is that I was promised two tractors for my agricultural business in Côte d'Ivoire and now they say there is no money for it. my country and I want to grow rice and corn, I asked for the machinery and they told me there would be no problem, but now things have changed, "Moise Kean's father said at the time.

Kean seems to be fit for the big moments as he made his debut at Juventus with two goals and a brace against Udinese. He also scored in the Italian national team debut.

Juventus have already expressed their intention to renew the contract with the player but Mino Raiola, his manager, warns that it will not be easy. The Italian manager tried to take the player to AC Milan in this winter market but Juve did not leave.

"I tried to get him to Milan in January, he already had everything done with Leonardo, he just needed to sign the contract, but Juventus did not want to lose him, but he has to play forever, just so he will continue to grow" , said the agent of the attacker.

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