Moneris helps applications for support for organic farming

Moneris helps applications for support for organic farming

Until September 4, 2020, the period for submitting applications to the PDR2020 for Investments in Agricultural Exploration – Organic Farming is in progress and Moneris can help you apply for support.

This measure is intended for projects that pursue the objectives of enhancing the viability of agricultural holdings, promoting innovation, training, organizational training and resizing of companies; preserve and improve the environment, ensuring the compatibility of investments with environmental and hygiene and safety standards at work; and to support farms with certification and under control in Organic Production Mode (MPB), or in conversion period, in the investment sector (s) recommended in the application.

Regarding the form and nature of the support, it can go up to 50% of the eligible investment, while on the nature, the subsidy is non-refundable for eligible investments up to € 700,000, with a refundable grant in excess of € 700,000, for eligible investments up to € 5,000,000.

How can Moneris help?

In Moneris' Corporate Finance area, Moneris maintains a special focus on Community Incentives, with a team specialized in the agricultural sector and the PDR2020.

With an approval rate of 91%, Moneris followed dozens of applications for structural funds, either in the scope of micro-companies, or in the development of projects of great complexity and dimension.

In addition to the application process, the Moneris team is also present throughout the project's execution period, in order to ensure the maximum co-financing to be obtained.

In this final stretch of the community framework, with increasingly reduced allocations, it is crucial for the success of the application to prepare projects in time.

For more information, interested parties can contact Moneris via email [email protected] .


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