Morais Sarmento says Rio has “more baggage and technical expertise” than Montenegro – The Economic Journal

PSD Vice President Nuno Morais Sarmento said Wednesday that current Social Democratic leader Rui Rio has “more baggage and technical expertise” to lead the party than Luis Montenegro. Nuno Morais Sarmento disagrees with the PSD position change proposed by Luís Montenegro, and says that the election result is no impediment for Rui Rio to re-apply.

“He was a good parliamentary leader, nothing against that. I do not like to judge negatively, but I recognize another background, another technical competence, another experience, even another ability to earn the Portuguese trust to Rui Rio than Luís Montenegro, ”said Nuno Morais Sarmento, in an interview with the program“ Grande Interview ”. RTP3, in response to Luis Montenegro's announcement that he will be a candidate for PSD leadership.

Nuno Morais Sarmento acknowledges that the electoral result of the PSD in the legislatures – 27.9% against 36.6% of the PS – was “short”, but considers that both this and the European result are not an impediment for Rui Rio. re-apply to the party leadership. "Before these legislative elections, the PSD was at risk, that risk was overcome in these elections," he explains.

The vice-president of the PSD also said that it was the strategy of "refocusing the PSD as a social democratic party and not of the alleged liberal" of the current leadership that avoided the "risk" that ran and stressed that 1.4 million Portuguese " trusted ”on the PSD.

Nuno Morais Sarmento also announced that he will continue to support Rui Rio if he decides to run again for the leadership of the PSD. "I see no one who has a more different profile than António Costa's politically round, semi-round negotiator profile," he argued, admitting that the current leader "will surely have made mistakes" during his tenure.

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