More expensive plastic bags and other PAN victories in OE2019 – The Economic Journal

More expensive plastic bags and other PAN victories in OE2019 - The Economic Journal

The sporting activity of the pigeon shooting will end and the price of plastic bags will increase from eight to 12 cents, measures that will appear in the proposal of the State Budget Government for 2019, according to the PAN.

The deputy of the PAN (People-Animals-Nature), André Silva, told the Lusa news agency that the Government will register for the first time four measures of the party in the proposal of the State Budget that will be delivered to the Assembly of the Republic next Monday .

"There is clearly a difference this year compared to the other years, we have never been able to have any measure inscribed in the OE in general, in the original proposal, there is clearly here a movement of the PS of approximation those that are the positions of the PAN," he emphasized.

Regarding the shot to the flight, known as pigeon shooting, the parliamentarian explained that this is an animal protection measure since "it is an activity considered sporting, where animals raised in captivity are released to serve as targets, who slaughter more animals wins a prize ".

This measure aims to "end this economic-sports activity, there is a need to streamline this legislative process because it is an activity that has received support from the State," said Andre Silva without knowing the exact amount spent annually.

"It is intended for 2019 that there is no longer this activity nor this budget cost, is to have only the shot to the plate," he said.

Another measure that the PAN says will be inscribed in the government's proposal is "an increase in the contribution on light plastic bags from eight cents to 12 cents," saying that the goal is to reduce the consumption of plastic bags in the country.

The deputy also highlighted another measure in the area of ​​social inclusion and which aims to give priority to the support of projects of entities that train guide dogs and assistance dogs.

"A measure that will respond to hundreds of people who are on the waiting list to acquire an animal of these that has a cost of 15 to 20,000 euros. These are people with diseases such as diabetes, epilepsy, blind people, people with motor difficulties or children with autism. "

For the PAN, the most important thing is to "give people autonomy instead of the usual allowance".

Lastly, a measure is considered by the PAN as a "tax justice".

This is to "end the VAT exemption for TAA artists when all service providers pay VAT".

The MP did not want to advance the PAN's vote but stressed that "in accepting four measures, there is a difference here compared to other years, which shows an approach and a concern with more ethical positions and inclusion that are not only of the PAN but of many thousands of people. "

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