More than 430 stations without fuel – The Economic Journal

According to this source, there are 439 stations in the country without any fuel, while 393 have only some type of fuel, gasoline or diesel.

Most (71%) of the total of 2,928 still have, according to this site, fuel for normal supplies.

The site was jointly created by Waze and the Vost Portugal (Digital Emergency Volunteers) network to create a special site where you can see where there is – or no longer – petrol or diesel.

Consumers can collaborate in sharing information through a questionnaire where they know which stations have closed due to lack of fuel.

Motorists are today serving the first day of an indefinite strike with the aim of claiming the Antram employers' association to comply with the agreement signed in May, which provides for a wage increase.

The strike was called by the National Hazardous Material Drivers Union (SNMMP) and the Independent Freight Drivers Union (SIMM) and the Northern Road and Urban Transport Workers Union (STRUN) was also associated with the strike.

The government has enacted minimum services of between 50% and 100% and has declared an energy crisis, which implies “exceptional measures” to minimize the effects of downtime and to ensure the provision of essential services such as security forces and medical emergencies.

In this context, the Prime Minister, António Costa, travels today at 9:30 am to the National Emergency and Civil Protection Authority and attends the operational briefing to assess the progress of events.

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