most likely government from the PS with support from the PAN – The Economic Journal

Social Democratic commentator Marques Mendes considers that the issue of Tancos and the involvement of former minister Azeredo Lopes “is very bad for António Costa”, namely because “it gave him support and coverage, which makes him responsible”. The commentator also said, in his usual space of comments from SIC, that the suspicions launched by the PS against the Justice is even worse.

As for the involvement of the President of the Republic, Marques Mendes said “it is unfortunate: first because there is no sign that is involved, and then he was the only one who for two years has been investigating, even when the prime minister tried to make forget about it. ”

But Marques Mendes says that the work of the Attorney General's Office and the army on the whole issue is also regrettable. "Impunity cannot be at large," he said, to agree that the issue is undermining the election campaign. "It's not healthy". In any case, the case of Tancos "can compromise an absolute majority of the PS, and can only complain of former socialist rulers."

For Marques Mendes, the campaign ended up bipolarizing, "which is good for the PSD" – "will not come to win, but you can shorten the difference with the PS". Anyway, he said, “it also favors the PS. Who loses is the big parties, as happened in Madeira ”.

Without an absolute majority, Marques Mendes said, “there are three hypotheses of government: a minority PS government with parliamentary support from PAN – because it is a cheap negotiation for the PS; It is neither a very credible nor a very consistent solution. The second hypothesis is a minority PS government without anyone's support. The third hypothesis is the repetition of the contraption, which I find more difficult because it will be expensive for the PS ”. This is why the first hypothesis is the most likely, according to the commentator. In any case, he said, "we will have four years of greater instability."

Marques Mendes also wanted to comment on the role “of this young Swedish woman and the speech she gave at the Climate Summit. His speech was almost touching fanaticism and radicalism, it seems that there is staging. The reactions of the heads of state, when cheering, was an exercise in hypocrisy. ” But Mendes thinks Greta "has incalculable merit: it has put the climate on the world agenda."

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