Mourinho Félix or Fernando Media, one of them will be the next finance minister – Jornal Económico

The question was ideal for launching the debate: who will succeed Minister Mário Centeno when he leaves the Government? But the theme is over. Earlier, Marques Medes spoke of ADSE and the Court of Auditors' audit – which says the system will only be viable if there are changes "and having given a big ear tweak to Mario Centeno".

"The state owes ADSE 184 million euros," recalled Marques Mendes, who said that "some are paying while the state is not paying", while the government "has put in a drawer a study that would solve the problems" of the system. "Since the ministers do nothing, do the prime minister, put the house in order," he said.

As for the debate on the government program, Marques Mendes said he found it was not present. Personalizing, Marques Mendes said that António Costa “was bad, both with Rui Rio and in relation to the Block and the PCP”. “António Costa passed the debate in a self-convincing attitude, which was repeated with Santos Silva,” the Foreign Minister.

As for the left, "I think the Block is disturbed: I was convinced it would be a partner of Antonio Costa" and this may not happen. As for Rio Rio, “it was globally well”, although it must have added a “fiscal alternative” to the debate. The political analyst recalled that Rio will be called upon, sooner or later, to explain whether it will be available to make state budgets viable. Not the next, which will be made possible by the left, but the following.

As for the new parties, "not yet impressed, but it is normal" and returned to the theme of the moment: "there is a problem with Free, the difficulty of getting the message across. Joacir has great merit, has quality, but his lack of communicability makes the message not pass; is a serious problem of Livre, ”he said.

And then Mário Centeno: He is on a collision course with António Costa: he was demoted in the Government, he did not speak in the debate, he may be leaving next year ”. When he leaves, there are two possible scenarios for his replacement: Mourinho Félix, Secretary of State of Centeno himself, which would be an internal solution; or an external solution: “António Costa may want to surprise – Elisa Ferreira was a hypothesis, but Marques Mendes recalled another name:“ Fernando Medina ”. For Marques Mendes, Medina's "growth" has yet to do with something else: "the succession of Antonio Costa, who at the end of these four years wants to go to high office in Brussels." "It's a scenario equated in a very narrow circle, but if it is, it is better to talk about it."

After António Costa, the theme was José Sócrates, someone who “has a difficult problem with the truth,” said Marques Mendes – in this case it had to do with his connection with Armando Vara, a convict who arrived to be, apparently by Socrates' hand, in the administration of Caixa Geral de Depósitos.

Very critical of the former prime minister, Marques Mendes was very surprised, for example, that Socrates said he could not survive on 12.5 thousand euros a month.

Marques Mendes also said about the elections in Spain: “Everything points to the blockade being maintained. Catalonia is already having an effect: the left going down and the right going up, ”he said. And pointed out that the far right will reach the third political force.

Pedro Gouveia Alves, non-executive director of Montepio, was also in the orbit of the debate: "It's a story that the country must follow," he said. “Didn't give it to executive director because why would Banco de Portugal not accept it, and now it is proposed for president? It's a levity, ”he concluded.

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