Movies of two hours have the days counted, warns director of "Avengers" – Present

Movies of two hours have the days counted, warns director of "Avengers" - Present

The age of two-hour movies may be coming to an end.

The theory was advanced by director Joe Russo, who was with his brother and partner Anthony Russo at a conference in New York.

The two made "Captain America: Winter Soldier" (2014), "Captain America: Civil War" (2016) and "Avengers: War of Infinity" (2018), respectively at 136, 147 and 149 minutes long.

The first film of the duo, called "Pieces" (1997), only had 72 minutes, but then it always went up: "Gangsters Falhados" (2002) had 86 minutes and "Me, You and the Plaster (2006) 110 before making the first film for Marvel.

For Joe Russo, "the two-hour film has had an excellent career for over 100 years," but explains that "it has become very difficult to work with."

"I'm not sure if the incoming generation will see the two-hour film as the dominant form of storytelling," he added.

The problem with the format, he said, is that it has become predictable, giving as an example that even the young can usually guess the outcome in the first five minutes.

The times in Hollywood are transforming, guaranteed, and experimenting with new storytelling formats.

Despite Joe Russo's theory, the statistics do not support the idea that the two hours have been the main model of the film industry.

It was from the late 1990s that the duration of the films began to increase; up to that time, the action movies were around 90-100 minutes.

In recent years, Marvel films have been responsible for some of the longest-running films of the genre and as the Russo brothers said a few weeks ago, the latest version of "Avengers 4" walks around three o'clock.

The intention, they added, is to descend further before arriving in theaters in April 2019.

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