Mozambican movie "Resgate" arrives today in theaters in Lisbon and Porto – News

Mozambican movie "Resgate" arrives today in theaters in Lisbon and Porto - News

The Mozambican feature film "Rescue", by Mickey Fonseca and António Forjaz, an independent production that deals with violence in the country, is arriving today in Portuguese theaters, in Lisbon and Porto, according to the premiere map of the cinemas Nos.

With the argument and direction of Mickey Fonseca, and the production, direction of photography and editing by António (Pipas) Forjaz, founders of Mozambican producer Mahla Filmes, "Rescue" is inspired by kidnappings that happened in the country, the violence that marked him, and, Above all, it seeks to portray the living conditions of the majority of the population, according to their creators.

The story centers on Bruno, a man who comes out of jail, serving his sentence, who is reunited with his wife and daughter, and seeks to smoothly rebuild his life with a junk job.

But the bank surprises him by borrowing a late mother's health loan and threatening to pledge her home.

The inability to make the payment, with his paycheck, takes him back to the old gang and its web of kidnappings, crimes that Bruno eventually opposes, endangering his life and that of his family.

"Rescue" takes place in poverty zones, between rundown houses and dirt roads, showing informal mass transportation, the "slates 100" and "my love", which arise from the demand that formal public transport does not respond to.

"It was an extremely hard work to do," says the filmmaker, in the film presentation dossier.

"Mozambique is a diverse country with a mix of races, ethnicities, languages ​​and cultural backgrounds [distintas], and it was important to represent this through cast and dialogue, "continues Mickey Fonseca, in the statement accompanying the production fact sheet.

The film was shot in Mozambique in 2017, after a fundraising process that mainly involved the intervention of production company Mahla, and the assembly of the work was completed this year in Portugal.

"The determination to make an independent film is part of the difficulty in accessing film funds" in the country, but also "the belief in the capabilities [dos profissionais] and a deep desire to tell this story, with total control over the finished film, "according to the director.

So, for six years, Mickey Fonseca recalls, producer Mahla worked "tirelessly on advertising" to "slowly" acquire "camera equipment" and put together anything she could "save to cover production costs."

"With a tight budget and high aspirations, we have carefully chosen locations (…), a style of clothing specific to each character," continues the filmmaker.

The script readings and rehearsals took place for months with experienced actors and non-actors, "willing to work almost free, giving their best all the way," allowing us to create "authentic characters who brought the story to life and us." they proud ".

Gil Esmael, Arlete Bombe, Rachide Abdul, Laquino Fonseca and Tomás Bié are among the actors who star in "Rescue".

"I am eternally grateful to all," concludes Mickey Fonseca in the film's presentation, which he hopes to stimulate "social dialogue on issues raised", lack of employment, poor access to housing, social exclusion, corruption.

Mickey Fonseca has in "Rescue" the first feature film. She has been working in the cinema for about 20 years in Mozambique and South Africa. With António Forjaz, she directed the 'short' Mahla, which she named the production company. He was one of Edward Zwick's "Blood Diamonds" assistant assistants.

António Forjaz was born in Johannesburg, grew up in Maputo, graduated in film from Columbia College Chicago in 1995, has more than 20 years of work in the sector.

Following its debut in Mozambique in July and its screening in Portugal, "Rescue" will be distributed in Angola in September. However, it was screened at African film festivals in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso, and the Harare International Festival in Zimbabwe.

"Rescue" will be screened at the Alvaláxia cinemas in Lisbon and Parque Nascente in Porto until August 14 in two sessions a day.

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