MP points out “nonconformities” in union constitution and statutes – Jornal Económico

The Public Prosecution Service (MP) maintains that there are “non-conformities” in the constitution and by-laws of the National Union of Hazardous Drivers (SNMMP), which is why it requested its termination before the Lisbon Labor Court.

“From the analysis of the constitution process and the bylaws of the aforementioned association, it was concluded that there were non-compliances with mandatory legal precepts, namely the participation in the constituent assembly of at least one person who is not a worker, within the scope professional indicated in the statutes ”, explains the Attorney General's Office (PGR), in a written reply sent today to the Lusa agency.

The prosecutor has called for the dissolution of SNMMP in a lawsuit filed this month with the Lisbon Labor Court, judicial sources told Lusa.

The PGR adds in its reply that “the Lisbon Public Prosecutor's Office has filed a declaratory action for the Termination of the Trade Union Association against the SNMMP – National Union of Dangerous Goods Drivers”.

“This action was filed following the Reasoned Assessment of the legality of the constitution and the Statutes of the SNMMP, which, under the law, was made by DGERT – Directorate-General for Employment and Labor Relations and referred to the Public Prosecution Service. ”Underlines the PGR.

In the case distribution area of ​​the Citius Portal, of the Ministry of Justice, it is possible to verify that the Initial Petition, which is the plaintiff's “plaintiff” and the SNMMP “defendant”, was filed at the Lisbon Labor Court on 9 August, it was distributed to Judge 3 the following day and the case is classified as “Statute Challenge / Delib.Assemblies / Electoral Acts”.

According to the same court sources, as the lawsuit was filed during the holidays, it is not until the beginning of September that the case will reach the judge to whom it was distributed, which is why SNMMP has not yet been “summoned” to pronounce itself. about it.

The SNMMP, which has been on strike this month, has issued a new strike notice for September 7-22, this time for overtime work and weekends.

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