“Mr. Prime Minister, stop hiding. ” CDS accuses PS of behaving as “if he owned the state” – Jornal Económico

The CDS-PP today challenged the prime minister to “stop hiding behind ministers” and “legal advice” and to explain the case of business contracts for family members of rulers that the law prevents.

Without ever resigning any of the Government members involved, CDS Vice President and Deputy Cecilia Meireles accused the PS of behaving as “if he owned the state”, first with the appointment of family members to government positions, known in April, and now with state contracts by ruling companies.

“What is expected of mr. Prime Minister is to stop hiding behind legal advice from his ministers and give an explanation and put an end to it, ”Cecilia Meireles told reporters at the Assembly of the Republic in Lisbon.

Three times, the MP said that the CDS voted against the amendment to the law of incompatibilities and impediments in force, which removed the prohibition of companies owned by family members of Government to make contracts with the state or public entities, as happened with the son of the Secretary of State for Civil Protection, but that will only come into force in October, after the legislative.

It is a legal amendment that, he said, "could undermine transparency and combat nepotism" and so the centrists voted against it.

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