Municipal budget for 2021 amounts to 14 million euros

Municipal budget for 2021 amounts to 14 million euros

The São Brás de Alportel Budget proposal for 2021 presented by the executive led by Vitor Guerreiro, in an amount exceeding 14 million euros, was approved by a majority in the last session of the municipal assembly.

The document had the votes in favor of the PS bench, the abstention of members elected by the CDU and the CDS-PP and the vote against the PSD bench, the municipality said in a statement.

“Reaching a value of 14,072,629.00 euros, the municipal budget now approved reflects the continuity in the implementation of the municipal project that deserved the confidence of São Brasenses for the 2017-2021 quadrennium and reveals the resilience and continues the capacity to adapt to the new reality that the pandemic has brought ”, points out the socialist executive.

Rigor, sustainability and financial balance are the basic principles enunciated by the São Brasense municipality, in order “to fulfill the difficult challenge of optimizing the limited financial resources of the municipality to face the demanding challenges of this year full of uncertainty, in view of the evolution of the crisis sanitary and economic ”.

The continuity of the action plan of the Municipal Emergency Fund is guaranteed, under which several measures have been launched to mitigate the effects of the pandemic.

The strategy of aligning projects with the calendar of community support, for the efficient maximization of available resources; strengthening investment in the areas of education, health and support for families; and investment in civil protection and defense of the forest also mark the 2021 Budget.

Economic recovery is the main goal of 2021

"The recovery of the economy is the great goal of 2021, with budgetary bets in terms of planning and spatial planning in order to reinforce the attractiveness of the municipality, boost entrepreneurship, attract investments and enhance the tourist potential", points out the executive on works which exceed 1 million euros, as the beginning of the rehabilitation of the south entrance, with the creation of João Rosa Beatriz square, and the rehabilitation of the central and commercial area of ​​the village.

The executive ensured the continuity and reinforcement of social responses, with projects such as the “Mão Amiga” support, to support improvements in housing of needy families, the promotion of the Social Store, the Disability Support Project, rental support programs, access to housing and institutions and associations dedicated to the social area.

In the water efficiency sector, a global investment of over 1.1 million euros is foreseen for the expansion and repairs to the municipality's water reservoirs and deposits, in addition to projects for wastewater networks, while in the environmental area there is a budget of 401 thousand euros to continue the maintenance work on parks, gardens and public green spaces, expand the network of containers and waste collection equipment, support animal protection institutions and intensify the sterilization campaigns of stray animals.

In the area of ​​culture, the municipality of São Paulo has set aside 300,000 euros for the maintenance of municipal cultural facilities and support for local associations. Sport, on the other hand, is entitled to a value of 280 thousand euros, maintaining the best conditions in municipal equipment and supporting associations.

The Câmara de São Brás also has a budget of 275 thousand euros to invest in paving and repairing the road network and paths and the conservation of the road network.

“A budget designed with a lot of responsibility and rigor, which puts every priority on supporting the community and defending the local economy, in an integrated strategy for sustainable development, in its various dimensions: social, economic, human. A resilient and tenacious budget in defense of the community's safety and well-being, with eyes on the future ”, concludes the executive.


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