Municipalities ask for more airports to the country – The Economic Journal

The Montijo airport project is under public consultation until September 19 and has raised much controversy in recent weeks, but this has not prevented several municipalities and inter-municipal communities from requesting the construction of new airport infrastructures throughout the country from according to the proposals included in the 2030 National Investment Program, recently approved unanimously in the Assembly of the Republic.

In its contribution to this document, the CIM – Intermunicipal Community of Minho calls for the “improvement of existing air infrastructure”, ie the aerodrome between Valença and Vila Nova de Cerveira. In this regard, the PSD parliamentary group notes that this infrastructure, the Cerval aerodrome, should be upgraded and improved in terms of efficiency and service levels, “in order to reinforce its strategic role at the economic level, enhanced by its proximity to both business reception areas, both to areas of high tourist potential, as well as to the strong connection to Galicia ”.

Article published in the weekly edition of August 9, 2019, of the Jornal Económico. To read the full version, go here to JE Reader.

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