Municipality of Loulé supports cultural and recreational associations – Jornal diariOnline Região Sul

Municipality of Loulé supports cultural and recreational associations - Jornal diariOnline Região Sul

Pursuing a policy of promoting cultural development and increasing citizen participation in the city dynamics, the Loulé City Council celebrated the program contracts with 22 associations that applied for the program "Support to the Associative, Cultural and Recreational Movement" of this Municipality , referring to this year.

In total, through this program, a total amount of 216,950.00 euros is distributed by the associations, destined to carry out the various actions that will be developed in the cultural sector. It is intended, therefore, that the funds allocated to the associations contribute to the development of an annual plan of activities, namely in the areas of creation, production and dissemination.

As in recent years, a number of criteria have been applied for the transparent, rigorous and impartial distribution of funds, namely public utility status, history, financial balance, development of regular activity, appreciation of the County's cultural heritage, contribution for the artistic creation and formation, contribution to the promotion of the Municipality at national and international level, promotion of events with tourism relevance, contribution of the activities to the entrepreneurship, among others.

During the signing ceremony of the program contracts, the Mayor of Loulé, Vítor Aleixo, underlined the local cultural associative dynamics, emphasizing the importance of this support for the development of cultural activities in the Municipality, which are increasingly a reference in the regional and national context.

It is worth mentioning that they received this support from the Associação Guias de Portugal – 1st Company of Guides in Loulé, Associação Ao Luar Teatro – Cultural Ideas, APALGAR – Friendship Association of PALOP in the Algarve, Associação "Os Barões", Associação Amigos do Alentejo, Association Friends of the Folk and Ethnographic Ranch of São Sebastião, Cultural Association of Salir, Cultural and Recreational Association of the Barrosas, Association of the Friends of the Cortelha, Folha de Medronho – Association of Performative Arts, Association Geonaut, Association of Friends of Loulé Association, Youth Association Akredita in Tou, Social and Cultural Association of Tôr, House of Culture of Loulé, Social and Cultural Center Parragilense, Artistic Association SATORI, Philharmonic Society Artists of Minerva, Mákina de Cena – Cultural Association, Cultural and Recreational Club

Monte Seco, GarveFole Accordion Association and Manuel Viegas Guerreiro Foundation.



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