Municipality of Loulé supports social institutions – Jornal diariOnline Southern Region

Municipality of Loulé supports social institutions - Jornal diariOnline Southern Region

In the scope of the social policies carried out in the municipality, the Loulé Chamber approved the allocation of an amount of 447,900.00 to thirty private social solidarity institutions in the municipality (and similar entities), in order to support the activities and projects developed. for social development.

This support to IPSS will be channeled to areas such as the development of social responses / activities in charge of the institution, maintenance and conservation of buildings, as well as the equipping of materials and equipment.

As in the case of sports and cultural program contracts, this support was preceded by applications made by the institutions and subsequently analyzed by the Municipality's technical services, according to certain criteria such as the number of users, the projects developed, etc.

“This measure is part of a set of actions that we promote, in line with what is the meritorious work of the institutions, in order to build a more solidary council, with quality of life for all its residents and in which it is found. in a more vulnerable situation can benefit from the same opportunities as their fellow citizens ”, consider the municipal officials.

The associations that will receive this support are: Almancil Social and Cultural Association, ASMAL – Algarve Mental Health Association, Friends of Querença Welfare Association, Akredita Ti Association, Parkinson and Alzheimer's Disease Humanitarian Association, DOINA – Romanian and Moldavian Immigrants Association of the Algarve, Hope and Peace Association, Poet Aleixo Association, Alte Pro-Beneficence Association, Social Association for the Progress and Welfare of Benafim Parish, Tôr Social and Cultural Association, Early Childhood Home , People's House of Ameixial, Center of Animation and Community Support of the Parish of Alte, Child Support Center Quarteira, Community Center Vale Silves, Parish Center of Quarteira, Portuguese Red Cross – Delegation Faro / Loulé, EXISTIR – Association for Intervention and Reb. Poor and Disadvantaged Populations, António Aleixo Foundation, Friends of Salir Group, Serra do Caldeirão Social Solidarity Institute, Loulé Nucleus of the Combatants League, MAPS – AIDS Support Movement, Nova Terra – Housing and Construction Cooperative Loulé Economic CRL, NT Social – Loulé Solidarity Cooperative, CRL, Holy House of Mercy of Boliqueime, Holy House of Mercy of Loulé, UNIR – Association of the Mentally Ill, Families and Friends of the Algarve and Origami College, CRL.



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