Municipality of Odemira advances with cultural programming

Municipality of Odemira advances with cultural programming

The Municipality of Odemira will present to the public the “Culture With All in Odemira” initiative, based on a diversified cultural program, a mix of online content and face-to-face initiatives, within the guidelines of the General Directorate of Health, as a way to support and boost the sector. These proposals favor the participation of cultural agents in the municipality, as a way of recognizing and valuing their work.

The initiative starts with performances by several local artists, recorded live, and presented online every week, through the Municipality's Facebook and Youtube pages. The first show is scheduled for this Friday, February 12th, at 21.00 hours.

The Municipality of Odemira has tried to adapt to this new and difficult reality experienced also in the cultural area, imposed by the pandemic, and now presents a new moment of proposals that integrates artists and groups that did not participate in the previous cultural moments, carried out in the months of summer and at the end of the year.

The coming months will be marked by musical performances, dance performances, documentaries about local traditions, visual arts, poetry, as well as content for children. It is also intended to promote and value cultural initiatives of popular and community origin, where a participatory and social inclusion process through culture is implicit.

The pandemic caused by the Covid-19 disease has changed social routines and dynamics on a global scale, with a brutal impact on the culture sector, which faces difficult moments never before experienced. The stage changed radically and the virtual space became an alternative to the physical space. The pandemic requires redefining the models of design, production, supply and also support for culture.

Parallel to this initiative “Culture with everyone in Odemira”, the Municipal Support Program for Cultural and Recreational Activities is maintained, with a value of 180 thousand euros for 2021, whose deadline for submitting applications was extended until March 1 , awaiting the adhesion and initiative of the county's cultural agents.


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