Museological Nucleus of the old Typography Union will become reality

Museological Nucleus of the old Typography Union will become reality

The Municipal Museum of Faro will host on Friday, 11, at 9:15 am, the signing ceremony of an interinstitutional collaboration protocol that will allow the creation of the Museological Nucleus of the former Tipografia União.

The protocol, to be signed between the municipality of Faro, Diocese of Algarve and University of Algarve, takes into account “the existence of a significant set of cultural assets of recognized historical and cultural interest”, belonging to the old typography União (1909-2013) , located in Vila Adentro de Faro and owned by the Algarve Diocese.

The collaboration between the various entities intends to carry out an inventory of the documentary, bibliographic and industrial heritage linked to the typography União, and the development of integrated research of historical sources related to the printed culture in the territory of Faro and Algarve of the 15th and 21st centuries.

The valorisation and dissemination of the typographic heritage; the creation of an open access digital infrastructure; the valorisation and cultural tourist use of material and immaterial heritage related to printed culture are other goals.

The protocol also aims to contribute to an integrated planning for valuing the heritage located in Vila Adentro de Faro, anchored in the idea of ​​“city of knowledge”, in harmony with the good practices of the “smart cities” and decentralization and diversification of interests and sources of cultural research, training and enjoyment, “increasing the attractiveness and cultural scientific participation of the region and strengthening the cultural and creative dynamics of the city”, the municipality points out, in a statement.


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