Museums, palaces and national monuments with summer discounts

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A new discount program for access to museums, palaces, monuments and national archaeological sites will start tomorrow, Monday, the 27th, revealed the regional director of Culture of the Algarve.

Resulting from a protocol signed between the Directorate General for Cultural Heritage (DGPC) and the Regional Directorates of Culture (DRC), this program allows visiting, under special conditions, until the end of September, all monuments and museums under the dependence of these entities , in a total of more than 60 across the country, with protection and safety measures for visitors guaranteed.

With 17 different itineraries – which group visits to cultural heritage by region or by theme -, this program provides discounts for individuals of 25% and for households (up to 10 people, with ascendants and descendants) of 45% over the original ticket price.

The Sagres Fortress, the Chapel of Nossa Senhora de Guadalupe and the Roman Ruins of Milreu, monuments under the responsibility of the Regional Cultural Directorate of the Algarve, integrate three itineraries: Algarve Region, Alentejo – Algarve and Archeology.

Visitors have seven days to enjoy the ticket and visit the various museums, palaces and monuments included in the itineraries, just go to one of the sites to purchase the respective ticket.

“This is an initiative that aims to foster the cultural participation of the Portuguese throughout the national territory, taking advantage of a period when families seek leisure and cultural options for their holidays. Portugal is rich in unique collections and relevant national and international heritage, some of which are classified by UNESCO, whose access the government intends to encourage all citizens ”, emphasizes Ângela Ferreira, Deputy Secretary of State and Cultural Heritage.

Examples of the 17 itineraries available are one dedicated to Convents and Monasteries, another dedicated to Unesco Heritage, yet another to Archeology and several organized by regions or locations, such as the Ajuda-Belém Axis, which includes the Ajuda National Palace, the Jerónimos Monastery, the National Coach Museum, the National Archeology Museum, the Torre de Belém, the Museum of Popular Art and the Museum of Popular Ethnology, for the individual price of 28 euros and family members of 55 euros.

The complete list of itineraries and heritage sites included in each, as well as the respective promotional prices practiced under this program, are available online here.


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