Music, theater and stage in the new stage school of d'Orfeu

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. A training proposal that "complements, which does not clash with the training projects already existing in the county". Luís Fernandes made the presentation during a party that continued in the afternoon. Registrations are open, even though the number of students in training in previous years has exceeded

Luís Fernandes, at the presentation of the new stage school, has historically documented the process of formation that has always guided d'Orfeu – he started with the course of the tocata, in the initial phase of the cultural association, and progressed with the Formation from 2005. With the School of Stage, the d'Formation is extinguished but a new concept of artistic formation arises.
"This is a decisive moment for d'Orfeu," admitted Fernandes. The association intends to unite music and theater. "It is a training for students who may have the potential to step on the stage, either by musical or theater, in a fusion of the two disciplines that can be inseparable." Thus arises the Teatrusica – another name originated in the d'Orfeu – having "music as a starting point" but "with theater classes", the students being "communicating vessels between one area and another."
There will be individual classes of music and collective classes of theater, to which the stage joins. There will be differentiated modules, according to the objectives of the trainees and the availability of their parents. "Only music without having a stage, only theater without leaving a stage or the junction of the three components," Luís Fernandes explained, adding that the option "depends on the availability of parents in the formation of their children, which in the limit can go up to at two and a half hours a week. "


During the press conference, Luís Fernandes announced the student who won the scholarship that is annually awarded by d'Orfeu for attending school: Daria Jéssica Yakovets, Portuguese but daughter of immigrants. The support for the scholarship comes from the company ATZ, through Ricardo Cruz, a former student of d'Orfeu now patron of the cultural association.
The "inclusive mission" of the association also includes an incentive for students who are members of other associations in the county, and can access the School of Stage by paying 50 percent of the normal value, through a protocol established along these lines with the City Hall of Águeda.
The project presented by d'Orfeu includes the pre-stage, a weekly activity aimed at children from 3 to 5 years. "It will start in October," said Luís Fernandes. One-time workshops, creative visits, technical courses, out-of-doors training in institutions and schools throughout the county and opá! – percussive orchestra of Águeda are inserted in the formative plan of the School of Stage.


Elsa Corga, councilor of the Culture of the Town Hall of Águeda, considered the idea of ​​"Escola de Palco" "very interesting" because of its singularity. Present at the launch of Escola de Palco, the mayor said "we are here to create something different, avoiding what is normal and what is already existing offer in the county."
The councilwoman assured that the municipality "highly values" the partnership with d'Orfeu, existing "since 2016", which "has undergone changes". "There are projects that are maintained and others are new and dynamic projects that bring added value to Águeda," he said, adding value to the "artistic, social and cultural" dimensions of the new project and the partnerships planned with the municipal institutions. "The stage school gives continuity to all the work that d'Orfeu has been carrying out."
The program of the Launch Party of the School of Stage included several open classes of music and theater, running simultaneously throughout the Espaço d'Orfeu and a large open class of "stage" and the show "1500 – Fly Over of Water "of the opá !.

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