Myth or fact? 10 Tips for Choosing a Kitchen – Tips

Myth or fact? 10 Tips for Choosing a Kitchen - Tips

1. Mix water with gas or soda with vinegar to obtain a softer batter.

The refrigerant or sparkling water to be used as baking powder needs an acidic environment. Mixing with vinegar actually causes an effervescent reaction, but it is only carbon dioxide releasing quickly and fleetingly. The ideal is to mix the gaseous liquid with the dry ingredients and then to use an acid, preferably lemon juice.

2. To peel eggs more easily, put to boil with boiling water

Baking eggs can have a lot to tell you. To obtain a good cooking and mainly to remove the bark later, is obtained by dipping the eggs in boiling water and not cold. But be careful because the temperature difference can break the egg.

3. To clean a burnt pan, add water and salt

Many cookery books recommend that in order to remove the burnt from a pot, it should fill with water and plenty of salt and boil. We tested it and everything stays the same. The most effective solution seems to be to put warm water and leave it overnight.

4. Remove fish smell from dishes and hands with lemon

The smell of fish in the hands is not always easy to take away. There are those who say that washing with running water and scrubbing after lemon releases the scent. And it seems to work. We have, then, a fact.

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5. Keep cheese in plastic or parchment paper

The cheese in the refrigerator tends to dry. Knowing the best way to conserve it can be useful for lovers of this delicacy. Make the experiment: store a slice of cheese wrapped in plastic and another in parchment paper for three days in the refrigerator. You will notice that the cheese kept in the plastic was less dry.

6. Cut onions without crying

Cutting onions can resemble a major chagrin, at least for the amount of tears we often pour. One way to mitigate this is to wet the knife with water and cut the onion with the wet knife.

7. Peel boiled potatoes easily and without burning

Peeling boiled potatoes is not always easy. Usually we let it cool down a bit, but we still burn our fingers. Popular wisdom says that a good way to skip this most painful step is to dip the potatoes on ice, which helps release the skin. It is efficient.

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8. Cool hot drinks wrapped in ice and salt

Put a hot drink in a bowl and fill it with ice and sprinkle salt. This will make the ice melt and the temperature will drop, cooling the drink in a few seconds.

9. Bitter onions? Sprinkle with boiling water

After cutting the onions, place them in a bowl and sprinkle with boiling water. Let stand for a minute or two and then dry. It turns out.

10. With onion, we prevent the avocado from turning black

After the avocado has been broken, the sliced ​​pieces will turn black when left in the refrigerator. It is said that storing in a sack with half an onion, avoids this oxidation. But this process proved to be a myth, because keeping a part of the avocado in a sack without onions rusted the same way as with onions.

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