Mytho Celebration: freedom and encouragement of individual expression – Showbiz

Mytho Celebration: freedom and encouragement of individual expression - Showbiz

By joining music, esotericism, performing arts and sensory experiences, those present could witness the encouragement of free expression, the discovery of the unknown and communion for what is common.

It is true that Lisbon has many "hidden" gardens that, when discovered, seem to give another image to the city. Who visited the Gardens of the Museum of Lisbon, with the decoration that Mytho Celebration installed, had the opportunity to experience a series of alternative universes, which are urgently needed in everyday life. Space for ourselves, space to be able to contemplate and celebrate with whom we like.

At the entrance to the Temple of Transition, there was a kind of reception where visitors could begin to personalize their experience. From make-up, henna painting, or "custom sleeves," each was free to choose the color palette and / or the form with which one wanted to express. After the first curtain, we enter into the enchanted world of the celebration of individual expression.

On the right side was the Celebration Stage where several artists were performing. The afternoon began with the DJ set of Kokeshi, followed by Surma's concert. Already known for her intimate and highly sensorial performances, the young artist from Leiria complemented her performance with the presence of two extraordinary dancers – Guilherme Leal and Catarina Godinho. If on the one hand Surma usually enchants and conquer with his smile and his delivery, on the other hand it was also a privilege to be able to witness how hypnotizing can be the corporal expression allied to its sonorous constructions. Undoubtedly one of the great moments of the day.

The Celebration Stage saw Mike El Nite DJ set, which put those already present dancing. It followed Da Chick, also already well-known for its energetic and infectious performances.

The biggest surprise of the night, however, was Custom Circus (Nirvana Studios), which featured a show that goes beyond the musical, presenting us with a kind of freak show absolutely fascinating. From the stage to the wardrobe, through the different bizarre mini-stories, it was impossible to remain indifferent to what was happening on stage. There was no lack of pyrotechnics or fire and we traveled between the times of the Moulin Rouge and a kind of steampunk universe. An authentic hymn to the motto of Mytho Celebration.

After performing at the Celebration Stage, it was in the Garden of Senses that Xinobi took over the music with his DJ set. In this space, in addition to the music we had still several points in which artists expressed their art through their screens or with small performances. The decoration with the ball of mirrors and the different colored spotlights again reinforced the warm and magical atmosphere.

In fact, one of the great moments of the night was between the performance of Da Chick and Custom Circus, in which four dancers appeared at one end of the garden, in a space surrounded by trees, and began a performative act that mixed spontaneity with choreography quite fluid. This small act ends with the four dancers pulling people into that garden space, reminiscent of the legends of the ancient beings who diverted people from their ways into their mystical universe, where the notion of space and time was lost .

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Also the mystic was then strongly present at Mytho Celebration with one of the areas of the Gardens of Lisbon devoted to esoteric knowledge, the Mystic Groove. Along a corridor there were areas dedicated to both reading runes and space for conversations with people from different areas such as Astrology, Numerology, Tarot, Aromatherapy, Yoga, Biodanza, among others. Here, the celebration of the myth had the form of knowledge sharing.

Without doubt a unique experience that deserves to happen again. Not only is it praiseworthy to acknowledge and reinforce that artistic and individual expression can and should have different forms, all of which can coexist in perfect harmony, without fear, in a peaceful and enthusiastic way. Membership may not have been extraordinary, but the concept and the way it was explored deserves a place in our cultural calendar.

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