NASA analyzes proposed construction of commercial spaces in low earth orbit – Multimedia

NASA analyzes proposed construction of commercial spaces in low earth orbit - Multimedia

The next few years promise to make many science fiction films and television series a reality in terms of space exploration. The idea of ​​the private sector is to build in the Earth's low orbit, where the International Space Station circulates, platforms and commercial areas for future travelers. In the background is an anticipation of the promised space tourism, but at the same time the creation of areas for research and construction that in the future can be exploited commercially by companies.

For the time being, the main problem is that the costs associated with launching services in space are too high. NASA has received proposals from 12 commercial companies, including Blue Origin, Lockheed Martin, Boeing, and others, reports The Verge, to make the Earth's low orbit a commercial space.

The US space agency also aims to find alternatives to the International Space Station, as Donald Trump decreed in 2018 the end of direct funding to the ISS by the end of 2024. Date in which NASA intends to return to the Moon. private partnerships are aimed at securing NASA a space station to continue its investigations in space.

Recall that the agency recently commissioned Maxar to create the first module of a space base to support the missions to the moon. And on the NASA website you can see the proposals from companies bidding to exploit the low orbit. Blue Origin, for example, proposes the construction of its space station, reusing the "shells" of rockets launched into space. Axiom refers to the construction of modules that in a first phase would be linked to the ISS, later to separate and form private stations.

There are quite a number of proposals for the commercial exploitation of space (as you can see in the gallery), including filming areas for movies, sporting events, tourism, among other possibilities. Aspects that NASA only sees as viable are the price of putting people and the load into space going down. For now they are only studies of their potential …

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