NASA unveils stories of "invisible" space technology

NASA unveils stories of "invisible" space technology

The US agency has launched a new, limited-edition podcast with six episodes available for download on various platforms.

It is called "The Invisible Network" and is the new podcast released by NASA, as well as the first to adopt the narrative story format. In it, listeners are introduced to the "invisible" technologies of the American space agency and to the "human side" of the work performed there.

The title of the podcast was inspired by the book "Read You Loud and Clear" published by former NASA engineer Sunny Tsiao in 2008. In the publication, Tsiao notes that NASA's communication and screening programs are often described as "invisible "Because they are infrastructures that are only known when they fail.

In this way, the agency wants to show "a glimpse of the engineering backs that make the ambitions of humanity between the stars possible" and the narrative format allows viewers to engage in technologies and progress that are often neglected.

All six episodes are accessible on site from NASA, at SoundCloud and in the Apple Podcasts.

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