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Prior to the meeting of the National Council, a meeting of the National Political Commission (CPN) is scheduled at 17:30 at the same hotel in Bragança where the meeting of the highest body between congresses will take place.

The first item on the agenda is the analysis of the political situation and it will be there that PSD president and candidate for office Rui Rio will intervene, who has already assured that he will address the party's outcome in the October 6 legislatures, in which the Social Democrats won 27.7% of the vote and 79 deputies (ten fewer than in the previous legislature).

The other two candidates already taken, Luís Montenegro and Miguel Pinto Luz, are neither national councilors nor inherent in the body, and although the mayor of Cascais argued in the social networks that the candidates should speak at the meeting, this is not the case. will happen.

The second and third items on the agenda are the setting of the PSD's calendar of internal life for the coming months: the secretary general proposes to hold direct elections to choose the president of the ANC on January 11, with a possible second round. week later (if no candidate obtains the absolute majority of validly cast votes), and the congress between February 7 and 9, in Viana do Castelo.

National counselors will still have to approve both direct and 38th Congress regulations, but the most discussed discussion regulation is that of contributions, which was approved in July at the last National Council.

The new PSD quota payment rules stipulate that militants receive, by post or by electronic means, a random 90-day ATM reference – a new proof of residence must be submitted for a new application – while the reference must first be provided. for payment of quotas corresponded to the number of militant, preceded by zeros.

On the management side, PSD President Rui Rio has insisted that the new rules aim to prevent “swindling” such as he considers to have happened in the past – even in his election – and is only available to “perfect” the system. to facilitate payment to militants struggling to pay their own quota.

From supporters of the other candidacies, criticism has come that the payment is becoming so difficult that it will greatly reduce the electoral universe of militants able to vote in the next election, and it is not excluded that amendments will be made at today's meeting. .

According to the Secretary General's proposal, December 16 will be the deadline for payments by postal order quotas (only allowed to militants over 60 years) and December 22 will be the deadline for the remaining means of payment.

Only militants who have their quotas up to date and who have been registered with the PSD for at least six months may vote, and the payment of cash quotas is expressly prohibited.

In the last directives of the PSD, on January 13, 2018, voted 44,254 militants out of a universe of 70,835 with the quotas up to date at the close of the electoral roll (December 15).

The draft regulation also states that applications for the leadership of the PSD will have to be submitted by 6:00 pm on December 30, signed by a minimum of 1,500 electoral activists, and must be accompanied by a Global Strategy Proposal and a budget. campaign

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