National Election Commission admits campaign outside Madeira on regional eve and day – Jornal Económico

The National Election Commission (CNE) has decided that “propaganda actions” are allowed for legislatures on the eve and day of Madeira's regional elections, as long as it is outside this autonomous region.

In a CNE deliberation dated Monday, but published this Tuesday evening on its website, it states that, “as has always happened on the eve and the day of the regional election, until the close from the ballot box, no actions of electoral propaganda are allowed nor the publication of texts or images of these actions ”.

“Outside the territory of the autonomous region, however, propaganda actions and the publication of texts or images of such actions that are not susceptible to condition the formation of the will of the voters of the Regional Legislative Assembly are allowed,” the text points out.

In practice, this deliberation allows campaigning for the legislatures on September 21 and 22, as long as they do not influence the elections in Madeira.

According to the electoral law, the October 6 legislative campaign officially kicks off on the 14th day before the election, that is, it starts on September 22, Sunday, which is also the regional day in Madeira.

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