National team athletes authorized to train

National team athletes authorized to train


O judo started the second phase for the resumption of its activities. Since Monday that athletes who represented the National team in international competitions or in national / international internships were
authorized to resume training.

“The first phase, which was aimed at high-performance athletes, has passed. Now, in addition to these, the athletes of the national teams can also resume the activity, ”Jorge Fernandes, president of the Portuguese Judo Federation (FPJ), told DIÁRIO AS BEIRAS.

The measure allows several clubs to return to face-to-face training. "In High Income there were between 30 and 40 judokas, now there are about 80. Clubs can open, because, on average, they have three, four athletes in the national teams, since the measure covers the various national teams", he confided.

Security measures
The return to training has to respect several safety measures and it is still not allowed to fight on the ground. “You can do coach training and uchi komi, that is, repetition training. They can now take handles, as long as they comply with safety rules. They have to train with a mask and always disinfect their hands. There is no access to the changing rooms, the athletes are equipped and, at the end of the training, the room is disinfected. The next day, this
space is clean ”, he stressed.

There are even more rules that must be followed. “The rooms must not form groups of more than ten people and, at the door, no one can be. Only those who are training come in and no one can watch ", guaranteed Jorge

Clubs of Coimbra
The measure allows several clubs in the district to resume their work sessions with the national team judokas.

“Almost all national clubs are covered. In the district of Coimbra, ACM Coimbra, Académica, the Judo School of Coimbra, the Judo Club of Coimbra, the Judo Clube do Mondego and Montanha Clube can now work, it is a very wide range ”, said the President of FPJ .

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