Nearly one million users were password stolen in 2019 – Computers

Nearly one million users were password stolen in 2019 - Computers

A report by security expert Kaspersky revealed that there has been a significant increase in malware attacks to steal passwords from internet users. In the first half of 2019, around 940 thousand users were victims of this type of attacks, which represents a 60% increase over the same period of 2018, which registered 600 thousand people affected.

According to the study, the countries most affected by this type of malware were Russia, India, Brazil, Germany and the United States. Kaspersky claims that password theft is one of hackers' favorite ways to affect the privacy of internet users. Through malware, hackers can obtain data directly from victims' browsers using different techniques. Most of the time sensitive information is collected, including data accessing online and financial services. There is credential theft, credit and debit card details that have been memorized in browsers.

The company also warns that there are some families of malware that are used to steal browser cookies or files from a specific location, such as users' computers and app data. Among the most popular and widespread Trojan stealer is Azorult, which has been detected on over 25% of Kaspersky's scanned computers identified with Trojan-PSW malware.

The security expert recommends that users do not share their credentials with others; regularly update programs installed on various devices in use; install reliable protection to protect the password; and other additional care.

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