Negative No Effect: "Venom" hits box office records at the premiere – News

Negative No Effect: "Venom" hits box office records at the premiere - News

Despite the negative reviews, "Venom" had more than expected results from the box office, during a weekend in which "Assim Nasce Una Estrela" also managed to shine at high altitude.

With about $ 80 million collected at US box office in the last three days, "Venom" won the record for the best weekend ever in the US box office in gross terms, surpassing in 20 million the previous record holder, "Gravity", which in 2013 had won 55.7 million to reach theaters the same month.

In 2018, the premiere of "Venom", a spin-off of the series "Spider-Man" starring a former villain of the series, is thus ahead of "Man-Ant and Vespa", which in July debuted at 75, 8 million, and right behind "Han Solo: A Star Wars Story", which opened in May with 84.4 million.

In Portugal, "Venom" also debuted at first with 92,235 viewers, making it the fifth best opening of the year, behind "Avengers: War of Infinity" (168,310 viewers in April), "The Incredibles 2: The Super "Heroes" (130,062 viewers at the end of June), "The Nun" (107,013 viewers in September) and "Deadpool 2" (97,563 viewers in May).

In the US, "This Is a Star Is Born" with Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga and performed by the actor, also billed above the expected, about 42 million dollars, pushed by the very positive reviews and the popularity of the protagonists.

With the excitement of Warner Bros. "Smalfoot – An Ice Cold Adventure" topping up $ 14.9 million for a total of $ 75 million, the last weekend has become the best ever October in the US in gross values ​​at US box offices.

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