Neither Kim's glutes, nor Irina's lips. To talk to a plastic surgeon – Present

Neither Kim's glutes, nor Irina's lips. To talk to a plastic surgeon - Present

Another procedure that has gained great relevance in recent years is gluteal enlargement. Gluteoplasty does not just refer to enlargement of the gluteus: it is an excellent complement to liposuction, since the most natural and less complicated complication in the long term is to use the aspirated fat. We remove the fat from areas where it is in excess and infiltrate that same fat (after preparation) in the areas that we want. In this way, it will allow a more radical result in obtaining the curves that translate sensuality.

If the implants are of quality and adapted to each situation, they can last a lifetime, with no need for exchange

Plastic surgery is the scene of several myths. Want to highlight some?

There are, in fact, many myths, even though people are becoming more and more informed. The reduction of the small lips, for example, raises a lot of concern, with many women thinking that they can lose their sexual pleasure. It is not true and the opposite may even occur. With the procedure, the woman will feel more confident and predisposed, which will make you enjoy your sexual activity and get more pleasure. In addition, if the procedure includes remodeling the clitoris, leaving it more exposed, you may also have more pleasure.

Breast implants also raise some questions: Do they increase the risk of cancer? Do I have to change them every 10 years? None of this is true. If the implants are of quality and suitable for each situation, they can last a lifetime, without the need for exchange. In these cases, as in all plastic surgery, it is important to look for the best solutions and not the cheapest ones. Opting for cheaper solutions, there may be some problems.

Since botox is one of the most sought after components to treat the face and wrinkles, it is also important to demystify the myth that you can not have facial expression when applying it. Botox is a toxin (botulinum toxin) that serves to paralyze muscles, but is applied exactly in the area to be treated, to achieve specific wrinkles and not the whole face, so there is no risk of total loss of facial expression. It is necessary, for this, that each face is studied in detail before injecting the toxin.

Is it possible to do plastic surgery without scars or is this a myth?

It's myth. In the case of aesthetic procedures, such as botox injection or hyaluronic acid, there are no associated scars, but when we talk about surgery it is impossible to have no scars. These are invasive procedures, which require cuts to the skin, although they may be very small. What we try to do is to place the scars in strategic areas, so they can be almost "hidden". But of course that is not always possible.

Plastic surgery is seen by some people as having an aesthetic purpose, not being recognized its functionality. Do you agree?

Plastic surgery can be both aesthetic and reconstructive, but, commonly, people associate it only with the aesthetic part, forgetting the other side. In cosmetic surgery, as its name implies, it is aesthetic issues, but there are situations in which the useful to the pleasant joins. This is the case with rhinoplasties, which are often performed not only to improve the image of the nose, but also to treat respiratory problems. The same is true of breast reductions: despite being a surgery often classified as esthetic, most of the time it is performed for health reasons, either because the weight of the breast is causing back problems, or because it is the cause of hygiene and mobilization. Breast reduction is even classified as one of the surgeries that have the most impact in improving the quality of life.

Then there is the whole slope of reconstructive plastic surgery. In my case, in addition to working in private clinics more directed to cosmetic surgery, I exercise in a public hospital, where I dedicate myself exclusively to the reconstruction. Much of my work involves treating post-cancer situations, rebuilding the breast, neck, and other parts of the body affected by the disease. In the case of reconstruction of burned body parts, it is also a work of plastic surgery. They are cases in which this type of work takes on great importance, with the purpose of recovering function and eliminating the stigma of an accident or illness, so that people can have a life as normal as possible.

How can rhinoplasty improve a patient's life?

Besides being able to improve the self-esteem, bringing more confidence, since it deals with the esthetic part, it can also be relevant to erase the memory of traumas, for example in cases of mistreatment. In the functional part, it also brings great benefits: diverting the nasal septum leads to respiratory difficulties, nasal obstruction, inflammation of the six paranasal sinuses, nose bleeds and even headache, and the uncomfortable snoring. With rhinoplasty (in this case, rhinosseptoplasty), we have also been able to treat this deviation and to remove all these problems from the patient's life.

What other plastic surgery procedures can increase the functionality of a wearer?

Breast hypertrophy, which is when the breast is too large, is one such case. It is highly disabling, leading to back pain, poor posture, mobility and hygiene difficulties, which can lead to recurrent infections in the breast. Here, decreasing breast size brings great day-to-day benefits, eliminating all of these limitations.

Hand surgery, whether to repair nerve damage in injured or to treat burns, is another example where plastic surgery returns the functionality of the limb to the patient.

In 2014, I spent a season in Jordan in a Syrian refugee camp, operating victims of the war as a volunteer. They were people who had been caught in explosions and who, from nowhere, saw parts of the body destroyed and could not be recovered without the help of doctors from all over the world who volunteered to do the work. It is also in these cases that plastic surgery makes a difference.

Is cosmetic surgery still the victim of some prejudice?

Plastic surgery can not be trivialized, nor can it be seen as a fashion. For many trends and ideas of beauty that try to sell us, we must always take into account the health and individuality of each one, making choices that are valid for now and that continue to be valid 10 years from now. Maintaining balanced proportions, knowing when to stop and always looking for the best products are key conditions for good results and results that make sense over a long period of time. It is also essential to have full confidence in the doctor, to make sure they will recommend the best solution. On the other hand, and on a completely opposite side, there are those who still see cosmetic surgery with some stigma and it makes no sense for it to be so.

Doing these types of surgeries does not have to be a source of embarrassment or discomfort as long as they are conscious choices that bring benefits to patients, whether physical or emotional. It should not be criticized neither who chooses to do, nor who does not like. Both options are legitimate and must be respected.

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