Neither toothed, nor fork and knife. The rules of sushi etiquette – Tips

Neither toothed, nor fork and knife. The rules of sushi etiquette - Tips

Help your guests

Serve Sushi to your guests is different from presenting a pizza or a plate of cod. Assuming that the guests do not know how to eat Sushi, write on a paper some simple instructions to guide them.

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Japanese crockery

Traditionally, a Japanese meal consists of several dishes served in small bowls. If you do not have genuinely Japanese crockery, use totally white or dark dishes, preferably with no designs. Small rectangular plates are always useful.

The Sushi can be presented on a large plate, from which all are served. However, each guest should have their own dish.

Chopsticks, but also by hand

O Sushi should be eaten with chopsticks, although some types of Sushi allow the tasting to be done by hand. If you do not settle with your chopsticks, it is best to use your hands. Never use fork and knife as this indicates that the Sushi it's too hard to eat. Do not cut or grind Sushi is eaten as one piece.

In case you are in a restaurant specializing in Japanese cuisine, and more specifically Sushi, it is likely that provide a oshibori. A small moist towel to wipe the fingers and hands before and during the meal.

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Seasoning, but q.b.

When tempering sushi with wasabi (wild horseradish sauce) is the seaweed, not the rice, which should dive into the bowl. And attention: this green sauce is really very, very strong!

As far as the Soy, simply dip the piece of sushi lightly into the bowl. Do not bathe it, the rice will absorb the soy. In addition, it is badly seen for the Japanese to waste soy.

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