Nelson Tanure interested in buying Portuguese Prio – O Jornal Económico

Nelson Tanure interested in buying Portuguese Prio - O Jornal Económico

Brazilian businessman Nelson Tanure presented a proposal by the Portuguese company Prio, advances to Bloomberg this Tuesday, April 9. Tanure joins several companies that have already declared interest in Prio, which has a fuel depot in the port of Aveiro and a national network of more than 250 fuel stations.

Talks between Oxy Capital, a shareholder of Prio, and Nelson Tanure are preliminary, Bloomberg quoted anonymous sources as saying another company may win the offer.

The Portuguese gas company has been highly coveted by several companies, including the multinational BP and Oz Energia, owned by Manuel Champalimaud's Gestmin, but so far the business has not advanced.

Tanure currently owns the Brazilian oil and gas company Petro Rio. In Portugal, it owns 7.1% of Pharol SGPS, a holding holding 5% of Brazilian telecoms operator Oi.

According to Bloomberg, the Brazilian businessman is looking more closely at the accounts of Prio for only then make a final decision.

As Economic Journal wrote in September 2018, five companies (including BP and Oz Energia) had submitted a proposal by Prio to the restructuring fund Oxy Capital.

Sources close to the process had then told the JE that there were proposals that exceeded 150 million euros. "Of the five proposals, there are values ​​ranging from 120 million to well over 150 million," according to sources.

One of those interested in buying Prio is the multinational BP. In January, the chief executive of BP Portugal told Jornal Econômico that he was still waiting for Prio to be formally put up for sale by Oxy Capital.

"We have already expressed an interest in studying the Prio dossier, as well as the potential of its network and infrastructures, but the process has not progressed, nor has there been any communication that Prio has been formally placed on the market so that potential stakeholders may submit tenders, "Pedro Oliveira told JE.

BP says "Prio has not yet been formally put up for sale"

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