Netflix bets on video games to become an empire – The Economic Journal

The well-known streaming Netflix will be releasing video games, based on their series and movies. The platform's goal is to become a multimedia empire, battling Apple's announcement, Bloomberg revealed.

The first game to be released will be 'Stranger Things 3: The Game', based on the popular series 'Stranger Things'. With the launch of the series scheduled for July 4, the game will be released on the same day, making it the Reed Hastings company's first bet.

Bloomberg also reports that Netflix has already applied for a license to make the film 'The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance' in a game. It is known that the 1980 film, by Jim Henson, is expected to become a game by the end of this year. Still, it is not the company that is developing or producing the games themselves. This will choose to request a license so that the production of them occurs outside of the studios.

Netflix has now started exploring the possibility of making films and series into other products, with the famous 'Stranger Things' series being the prototype. The California company had already licensed the Millie Bobby Brown series as a game for smartphones in 2017 and since then has also managed deals for sweaters, Coca-Cola bottles and ice cream, showing that it is the most viewed series on the platform.

"We're looking for opportunities to grow our universe to other means," said Chris Lee, Netflix's director of interactive games. The video game industry surpassed $ 40 billion last year, a figure that outstrips the movie tickets consumers have purchased.

However, this strategy only serves as a promotion of the programs, because all of Netflix's revenues continue to come from subscriptions to the streaming.

Still, the platform is still at an experimental stage. In addition to this new product, the company already produced an alternative season of the series 'Black Mirror' where it mixed game with television, in which the users chose the next step of the personages and this affected the narrative.

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