New Attorney General takes office on 12 – The Economic Journal

New Attorney General takes office on 12 - The Economic Journal

Lucília Gago, the new General Prosecutor of the Republic, will take office on October 12 at 3 pm in the Palace of Belém.

The hitherto Deputy Attorney General replaces Joana Marques Vidal, who has been in office for six years.

Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa considered that Lucília Gago guarantees "the continuity of the line of protection of the State of Democratic Right, of the fight against corruption and of the defense of Justice equal for all, without condescension or favoritism towards anyone, so dedicated and intelligently pursued" by Joana Marques Vidal.

Lucília Gago, 62, worked as a Delegate of the Attorney General and Attorney of the Republic in the Criminal Court of Lisbon, in the Department of Investigation and Criminal Action (DIAP) of Lisbon and in the Family and Court Court. Minors of Lisbon.

After six years of Joana Marques Vidal (including several months of discussion about the possible renewal of the position), she will now lead the Public Ministry. Before Joana Marques Vidal, the previous holders of the post were Pinto Monteiro (2006-2012), Souto de Moura (2000-2006), Cunha Rodrigues (1984-2000), Arala Chaves (1977-1984) and Pinheiro Farinha (1974- 1977).

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