New BMX Track to be inaugurated in Portimão – Jornal diariOnline Região Sul

New BMX Track to be inaugurated in Portimão - Jornal diariOnline Região Sul

One of the highlights of the June 2012 schedule at the 2019 European City of Sports will be the inauguration of the BMX Race track at the Portimão Youth Park, scheduled to take place at 4:00 p.m. on the 8th. – Week of the month of the 5th and 6th stages of the BMX Race Portugal Cup.

In the new equipment, which results from the camaraderie bet on creating conditions for the practice of so-called extreme sports, will take place on June 22 the Algarve Cup BMX Race.

Rhythmic gymnastics

June will also be marked by a number of important events such as the Veterans Tennis Open (9 and 10 days in the Municipal Tennis Complex), the 6th Portimão Arena Gym (June 15 at Portimão Arena), the Speed ​​(June 16-18 at the Algarve International Speedway), the local stage of the National Beach Volleyball Championship (June 21-23 at the Praia da Rocha Sports Area), the National Gymnastics Festival (June 28-30 Portimão Arena, Alameda da República, Old Lota and Praça 1º de Maio) or the second test of the 2nd Trophy of Resistance of Portimão in BTT, scheduled for June 29.

In the sports plan, the proposals do not stop here in the next month, and the following events are scheduled on the agenda: June 8 and 9 – Mini Basket International Tournament (D. Martinho Castelo Branco Pavilion and Secondary School Pavilion Bemposta); June 8 to 10 – Portimão Skating Tournament (Montes de Alvor Sports Pavilion); June 15-23 – Portimão International Tournament Sub-14 (Municipal Tennis Complex); June 20 to 23 – Summer Camp of the national karate team (Portimão Gymnasium Pavilion); 21 to 23 – local stage of the National Beach Tour Championship (Praia da Rocha Sports Area); and June 22 – 28th Summer Gymnastics Festival (Portimão Arena).

In the context of the training, the seventh edition of the Portuguese Language Coaches Congress, which will bring together dozens of technicians of various modalities in Portimão Arena, includes workshops on handball, athletics, basketball, billiards, boxing, capoeira, training gymnastics, soccer, futsal, football, golf, roller hockey, karate, swimming, hiking and mountaineering, orienteering, rowing, taekwondo, tennis, fitness coach, surfing and volleyball.

Reference also to three initiatives in the area of ​​sports practice open to people of all ages: the Senior Gala of the Exercise and Health Program, which will take place on June 8 at the Gymnasium Pavilion of Portimão; the Portimão Sem Fronteiras 2019 Games, aimed at children and adults and scheduled for June 22 and 23 at Praia da Marina; and the closure of the Algarve Race March Program, to be held at the Alvor Sports Complex on June 30.

All the programming of Portimão European City of Sports 2019 can be accompanied in the official channels online and facebook page.



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