New center dedicated to dance creation and training opens with «Open Day» for the community

New center dedicated to dance creation and training opens with «Open Day» for the community

CAMADA – Centro Coreográfico, the most recent artistic center in Portugal, based in Faro, will dedicate itself to research, creation, production and dance training, opening up to the community with an «Open Day».

“CAMADA – Centro Coreográfico is a space in which we believe that everyone can develop their maximum potential as people and artists”, says the artistic director of the space, Carolina Cantinho.

With the mission of contributing to the sustainable development of dance and the future of professionals in the field, the new Coreographic Center is located in Alto de Rodes, in Faro, and has two teaching rooms, in an area of ​​more than 200 m2.

CAMADA, which has Margot de Andrade's pedagogical direction, will present itself to the community next Monday, September 7, Faro City Day, for an «Open Day».

Registration is free, but mandatory due to the limited number of vacancies, available in online form on the Instagram and Facebook pages of CAMADA – Centro Coreográfico.

Of the annual program, the projects "CAMADA FORMAÇÃO" stand out, which aims to provide young dancers with their development and transformation into qualified and conscious artists; «CAMADA CRIAÇÃO», an annual program in which a renowned choreographer and an associated artist work on creative projects, with professional dancers and students, integrating a show to be presented in 2021; and the «CAMADA ACOLHIMENTO», a program to welcome an emerging choreographer and support the production and dissemination of his creative project.

The faculty has professionals with national and international experience in classical dance, contemporary dance and hip hop, and has the complement of the disciplines of physical conditioning, clinical pilates, yoga, and the support of physiotherapy, nutrition and psychology.

According to Margot de Andrade, the activities are aimed at beginners, students of dance and performing arts, researchers, dance professionals and those interested in general, with four types of training: punctual, regular, pre-professional and professional.

“Values ​​such as dedication, responsibility, self-discipline, independent reflection and mutual respect are at the heart of all our activities, along with an open mind, positive approach, creativity, sense of humor, awareness and determination. These are the qualities that we consider essential for a healthy learning in the dance area ”, emphasizes Carolina Cantinho.


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