New Daylight Saving Time starting March 31st – Daily diariOnline South Region

New Daylight Saving Time starting March 31st - Daily diariOnline South Region

At dawn on March 31 (Sunday), Legal Time in Portugal changes from the winter regime to the summer regime, thus remaining until October 27 (Sunday).
Thus, according to the Lisbon Astronomical Observatory (OAL), in Mainland Portugal and the Autonomous Region of Madeira, when it is 1:00 am, the clocks must be advanced 60 minutes, passing to 02:00 a.m. .
On the other hand, in the Autonomous Region of the Azores the change will be made at midnight (00:00) on Sunday, March 31, to 01:00 in the morning, the same day.

Report of the OAL on the Legal Time of the country and the impact of the maintenance or suppression of the Daylight Saving Time

It is worth recalling that between 4 July and 16 August 2018 a public consultation was organized by the European Commission on the provisions concerning the existence of the Daylight Saving Time regime.
Any interested citizen or institution could participate in this consultation and had the opportunity to indicate their preference between two options:
1) continue with the time change in the summer time (summer time regime);
2) keep the same time regime throughout the year.
This consultation came as a result of requests from citizens, the European Parliament and in particular the insistence of two Member States (Finland and Lithuania) to review the existing directive.
The public consultation, according to AOL obtained 4.6 million shares between the various Member States. Most of the participations came from Germany (68%) while, for example, Portugal contributed only 0.7% of the answers.
The vast majority of the responses in this sample (84%) were in favor of putting an end to the time change.
It should be noted that this sampling is statistically skewed and, therefore, does not represent with significance the average opinion of the peoples in the European Union.
It is recalled that the Legal Time in our country is maintained and provided by the OAL and its director is also president of the Standing Commission of the Hour – an advisory body of the Government that also includes representatives of the Ministries and the Autonomous Regions. (in AOL)



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