New details of PlayStation 5 reveal "cross-platform" with PS4 – Computers

New details of PlayStation 5 reveal "cross-platform" with PS4 - Computers

Although not present at this year's E3, Sony has been keen to remain active in the revelation of news about its products. With PlayStation 5 in the pipeline, the company has used to confirm small details, drawing, albeit at a slow pace, that will be your next game system.

The latest news comes from CNET, who spoke recently with Jim Ryan, the CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment. According to him, the new console of the Japanese technology will reach the market with an SSD disk instead of an old HDD, in all its versions, thus supporting superior speeds of recording and reading of data. In addition, the portal also writes that the PS5 will support 4K graphics at an image refresh rate of 120Hz and that the recording files will work between multi-generation consoles. In practice, this means that a player can start an adventure on PS4, record it, and continue from the point where he left it on the PS5 – and vice versa.

On top of all this, Jim Ryan added that the brand has plans to bring its streaming gaming system, PlayStation Now, to a new level.

Note that some of these features are designed to make it easier to transition between consoles, allowing players not to start new games on their new system. Bearing in mind that there will be a backward compatibility system, we can assume that it will be possible to carry all or almost all content from PS4 to PS5, almost as if it were the file copy that we make when we change smartphones. Either way, the strategy has a clear goal: to remove obstacles to the transition from PS4 to PS5.

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