New DTT frequencies as of February 7 – ANACOM

New DTT frequencies as of February 7 - ANACOM

ANACOM spent two days in Alentejo and Algarve explaining to the mayors the migration process of the network of DTT broadcasters, a network that provides free television, which includes the channels RTP1, RTP2, RTP3, RTP Memória, SIC, TVI and ARTV, whose process is necessary to free the 700 MHz band for the implementation of 5G.

ANACOM explained the whole process, the dates for changing the network of broadcasters in the region, as well as what people have to do to return to watching television normally – tuning up their equipment – and that the process does not involve costs for populations: there is no need to buy new televisions or decoders, replace or redirect antennas, or subscribe to pay television services. It should be noted that in this matter, ANACOM also explained the recent precautionary measure adopted, with a previous ban on unfair commercial practices.

ANACOM, was represented at the meetings by the president, João Cadete de Matos, and by a technical team made up of Miguel Henriques, José Pedro Borrego, António Rolhas and Ilda Matos, having shared with all the mayors, whose support requested, all the measures that ANACOM has prepared to support the population in this process: the communication campaign; the protocols with ANAFRE, AMA, with City Councils; and partnerships with the Social Security Institute, with GNR, PSP, Patriarchate and the National Wiretapping Corps.

The operation of the call center launched by ANACOM (free line 800 102 002) was also explained to provide information and help to tune the DTT televisions or decoders, and the work to be carried out by the technical teams that ANACOM will have on the ground to support populations.



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