New housing loans fall in June after almost a year high in May – Jornal Económico

According to the latest BdP data on bank loans and deposits, in April 849 million euros were granted by banks to households for home loans, down from 927 million euros in May (June 2018 high) and 990 million euros. million euros granted in June 2018.

Since the beginning of the year, 4.931 billion euros of new housing loans have already been loaned, up from 4.747 billion euros last year between January and June.

Still in loans to individuals, in June, 390 million euros were granted in consumer loans, 45 million euros less than in May and 29 million euros less than in June 2018.

For other purposes, 156 million euros were lent, 22 million euros less than in May and 10 million euros more than in the same month of the previous year.

As regards new loans to companies, in June they amounted to 1,445 million euros in operations up to one million euros, compared to 1,655 million euros in May and 1,545 million euros in June 2018.

In operations above one million euros, loans to companies in June totaled 1,199 million euros, compared with 986 million euros in the previous month and 1,117 million euros in June 2018.

In June this year, according to information released by the BoP, the average interest rate on mortgage loans to households for house purchase increased by two basis points to 1.33%, while consumer credit and other interest rates average interest rates were, respectively, 6.99% and 3.81%.

Finally, the average interest rate on new business loans was 2.26%, the same as the previous month. In credit operations above one million euros, the interest rate was 1.91%, while in loans below one million euros it was 2.55%, “reducing the difference between the two rates compared to the previous month”, note the BoP.

Private deposits at resident banks totaled 148.3 billion euros at the end of June 2019, up from 146.9 billion euros in May.

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