New “layoff” is now accessible to companies with losses between 25% and 40%

Government extends deadline for credit default until September 2021

Companies with annual revenue breaks between 25% and 40% will be able to resort to support for the progressive recovery, an instrument that will also allow for a reduction of up to 100% in hours when the breakage of invoices exceeds 75%.

These changes to the regime of support for the progressive recovery were detailed today by the Minister of Economy and Digital Transition, Pedro Siza Vieira, at the end of the meeting of the Social Concert during which the Government presented to the social partners the proposal to make this instrument more flexible, which in August , came to replace the simplified layoff.

"A new step will also be created for companies with a break in sales between 25% and 40% compared to the same period that can reduce hours up to 33%," said the minister. The unpaid hours will be reimbursed by 70% by Social Security, as is the case in the two currently existing levels.

Another of the changes to the regime, which the Government acknowledged that it is necessary to correct in view of the drop in activity that companies in some sectors continue to experience, is the possibility that companies with a break in sales above 75% may have a more flexible regime in relation to the reduction of hours and, in the limit, can reduce it up to 100%.

In addition to greater flexibility in the management of reduced hours, the redesign of the regime of support for the progressive resumption will have another change: the reimbursement of hours not worked will be fully ensured by Social Security, leaving the division currently in force, where 70% are paid by Social Security and 30% by the employer.


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