New movement criticizes constructions of Picoas and Portugália towers and projects for Praça de Espanha and Entrecampos – O Jornal Económico

There is a new movement against buildings in the Portuguese capital. “Lisbon Precis” was created by Carlos Marques, former Vice-President of the Lisbon Municipal Assembly, and Fernando Nunes da Silva, former Councilor for Mobility of the Lisbon Chamber.

With the construction of several real estate projects, the movement says that the Portuguese capital is in danger of “killing the golden egg hen of tourism”

In an interview with Lusa, Carlos Marques stated that the creation of the movement was arrested because “there is much wrong in the city of Lisbon and the path that is following the city of Lisbon”, and this path can lead to the decharacterization of the capital.

For now, the only goal is to alert citizens to what the city needs. “Today, Lisbon is being ruled by the great global economic interests”, which are investing millions of euros in the city “to build towers, transform the city into a non-characteristic city other than the old city, and with it, risk killing the tourist's golden-egg hen, ”he assumed.

The Lisbon Precise should organize thematic debates on the most varied topics, which should include the environment, airport, urbanism, transport and mobility, after the legislative elections. In addition to Carlos Marques and Fernando Nunes da Silva, Pedro Soares and Jorge Falcato of the Left Block, the politologist André Freire, Otelo Saraiva de Carvalho, geographer Jorge Malheiros. and the historian Raquel Varela are other subscribers of this movement.

The movement criticizes several projects, such as the construction of the Picoas Tower, the project designed for the Portugália block on Avenida Almirante Reis, the construction of “imposing buildings” in Praça de Espanha and the licensing of the project for Entrecampos.

In addition, “we are against the violent expulsion of Lisboners from their homes to put Lisbon on top of local accommodation, making Lisbon an increasingly rich city for tourists,” the group adds on its Facebook page. "We are against the forgiveness of two million euros from IMT and IMI to a speculative fund just for refurbishing a building on Avenida da Liberdade."

“We are against the existence of a private company, but with 100% capital of the Lisbon City Council, which acts as a City Council within the City Council, but with full urbanistic powers without control of the City Council plenary and the sovereign control body. the Municipal Assembly of Lisbon ”, they add.

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