New promotional film: Why Faro?

New promotional film: Why Faro?

Faro promotes an internal tourism campaign with a new promotional film – Why Faro? Within the scope of the strategy defined for the Tourism sector in the territory of Faro, and taking into account the need of the city and the municipality to reinforce its identity as an attractive destination and added value in its tourist position, the Municipality decided to produce a communication tool with a strong impact to promote the city on social networks and other means of communication with the consumer public, with a view to its contribution to the economic growth of the municipality, as well as ensuring the dissemination of tourist potential to the consumer public and the economic agents of the tourist industry regional, national and international.

The new promotional film 'Why Faro?' Portrays, through a comical, entertaining, and uncompromised narrative, a destination of excellence, with unique and differentiating characteristics, with islands of beaches with large expanses of sand, places of tourist interest in the city and the municipality, as well as the possibility of carrying out experiments in terms of historical, cultural, nautical, and gastronomic heritage, and adds a note of recognition to the people of Faro for the friendliness, satisfaction and availability of the inhabitant, for the visitor who chooses the Capital of the Algarve to spend holidays, visit, work and live.

The video will be released today at the beginning of the night on our social networks. It is recalled that Faro was certified by Fórum Oceano, as a Nautical Station, in late 2018, with the Municipality recently joining the Association of Municipalities of the Route of the National Road 2, thus reinforcing its connection to 2 tourist products (mar / nautical activities and Estrada Nacional 2) that have been registering an increasing demand in recent years. It should also be noted that, in recent years, Faro has registered a growing tourist demand with the latest data provided by INE, for the year 2018, accounting for 544,676 overnight stays, 28,526 more than 2017, equivalent to an increase of about 6% .


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