New Season of "The Story of God" seeks answers that go beyond science – Current

New Season of "The Story of God" seeks answers that go beyond science - Current

One of them, analyzed in the last episode of the new season, is that of divine rules and laws, a facet that shows "the ways in which religion enters into daily life" and allows one to look for "things in common" among the commandments of various faiths.

The main purpose of the series is "to let people see that there is always something in all the religions with which they can identify," a contribution to narrowing the gap between followers of different denominations.

Freeman's popularity helps, even though Younger has pointed out that it was a logistical challenge to "work with an international celebrity" because of the interest he aroused in people.

The producer said, however, that Morgan Freeman "is not a prima donna", is "incredibly kind" and "is perfectly happy sitting on the floor talking to someone in an alley, just as she goes to the Vatican."

When production of the third season was suspended because of allegations of harassment against the actor, James Younger did not fear the cancellation of the series.

"We've always had faith that this series would continue and trust in National Geographic and Fox's investigation that things would be clarified as they were and we could continue," he said.

The investigation by Fox, which owns National Geographic, concluded that the allegations had no merit.

"We were certainly pleased that National Geographic stayed on our side while we were waiting for the outcome," said Younger, who has executive production partner Lori McCreary as well as Morgan Freeman.

The style of the series places the actor as a kind of Anthony Bourdain of religion, an analogy that James Younger considered correct because the actor seeks "to sit with people, talk to them, to understand culture in depth and how it influences faith ", in the same way" that the climate of a country influences its gastronomy ".

Among the stories to be told is that of a state executioner who has applied dozens of lethal injections to prisoners and later repented, becoming an anti-death penalty activist.

Morgan Freeman will also talk to a living ex-goddess in Nepal and show a religion unknown to many, Caodaism in Vietnam.

"We looked at a darker side of religion, things that should not be done, bad things," explained Younger, "and then we wanted to make sure we had something inspiring, visions of God, which makes people feel attached to the divine , through signs, sounds, feelings, miracles. "

The executive producer felt that "stories about God and religion will never be exhausted," and although there are no future seasons to announce yet, it would be possible to "continue to do this forever."

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